A spirit of collaboration

More than ever, health is a major global challenge and laboratory diagnostics considered a basic prerequisite for fast and reliable decisions – a core element of medical investigation.  Essentially, two thirds of all diagnoses are largely based on laboratory tests. It is obvious that laboratory medicine supports diagnosis and often enables it in the first place, but the significance for the clinician goes even further. The urgency of relieving the burden on medical staff while at the same time strengthening health care systems is more relevant than ever before.

Current experience shows that time and cost pressure, shortage of qualified personnel and the compulsion for growing economisation will continue to demand a lot from health care systems in the future. This is where ‘Lighting the way with diagnostics’ comes in – our bold vision of a community of innovators and caregivers who passionately seek synergies and consistently drive change to unleash the full potential of diagnostics.  Let us stay curious, challenge current standards and truly embrace a spirit of collaboration in order to care, connect and inspire. 

Lighting the way with diagnostics

Today, there is so much less to do when operating an analyser, and so much more to see, know and decide when looking at the results.

At Sysmex, we believe that technological excellence must go hand in hand with a deeper understanding of diagnostics as a whole – and, in particular, the people who work in it.

We believe that our technology can make people’s jobs easier, more rewarding, and more fulfilling.

And we believe that there is a deep emotional value to every diagnostic value. Because ultimately, this always relates to a patient and his or her individual fate.

‘Lighting the way with diagnostics’ is our bold vision of a community of innovators and caregivers who passionately seek synergies, drive change and together unleash the full potential of diagnostics.

Therefore, we will stay curious, challenge current standards and truly embrace a spirit of collaboration. Care. Connect. Inspire.

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